Video Color Correction

Color grading, video color correction, color enhancement improve the video quality. Our video editing team edits video utilizing Adobe Premiere pro and Final Cut Pro. The purpose of video color correction is to fix black shedding, highlighting, mid tone, color balance, tint, over or under exposure, etc.

Cut And Stitch Footage

We remove useless parts of your video clips and stitch different footages to create one full movie. Small video retouching, transitions, adding effects, color grading, adding slowmo and timelapse, background loop, etc. are applied to get attractive and engaging videos. We provide all types of video editing and retouching services.

Add Title Animation

Title animation in a video is an important part and widely taken editing service. We provide cinematic title animation service for product presentation videos, advertising videos, wedding video clips and more. Our video editing experts use Premier Pro and After Effect for adding motions, sound effects, lightings, etc. in video title.

Add Lower Third, Intro/Outro

Adding lower third in a video is used to add more information, link, and call-to-action. Video intro and outro are used for increasing aesthetics of video. It also draws the attention of the viewers. We have been offering world class lower third, intro and outro creating and adding under video editing services.

Add Music In The Video

Music plays a vital role in video, especially in movie clips, music videos, educational videos, animation movie, etc. For perfect mingle of sound and music in the videos, we can help you. Our experts will collect movie clips and music, and them works on it to achieve ultimate perfection for an actionable video.

Adding Cool Transition Effects

Transition is required while changing movie scenes. Different types of transitions are applied as project demands. Adding cool or soft transition effects will increase the aesthetics of videography and it soothes viewers’ eyes. We apply transitions into movie clips, product promotional videos, intro and outro video, etc.


Promo or Lower Third Animation Video

Traditional Promo videos are for service, product, or event promotions. Promo videos highlight features of the product/service and company. Lower third animation is used at the bottom of the video to convey contact information, brand name, social media links, etc. Our team creates pro quality lower third animation applying various sound effects (SFX), different motions, colorful designs, etc. 

Individual Video Editing with Client Provided Footage

30 Seconds $129/ea.  |  60 Seconds $249/ea  | 2-5 Minute $399

Bundle Video Editing  *Video footage will be provided by the client*

  • (5) 30-Second Promo Videos $539
  • (5) 60-Second Promo Videos $1099
  • (5) 2-5 Minute Promo Videos $1799

Individual Video Editing with Designshow Professional Videographer

30 Seconds $150/ea.  |  60 Seconds $289/ea  | 2-5 Minute $469

Bundle Video Editing *Professional Videographer Included*

  • (5) 30 Second Promotional Videos $649
  • (5) 60 Second Promotional Videos $1595
  • (5) 2-5 Minute Promotional Videos $2199

All bundle video editing package purchases must be completed in 60 days. 


Logo Animation

Our motion graphic experts apply various techniques, sounds, and effects to create exciting logo audience capturing animations. Logo animation is used at the beginning or ending of videos.

Standard Pre-Selected 5-15 Seconds $49/ea  | Premier 5-25 Seconds $179/ea – Bonus marketing strategy & tactics for logo animation market campaign. Offer only available with our premier package only. 

*.png logo is submitted by the client* +$25 to remove your logo background

Typography Animation

 It will make typography in your video more attractive and can draw the attention of the audience. Our team of animators will utilize latest animation tools and various trendy sounds & effects to create outstanding typography animation.

30 Seconds $99/ea|  31-60 Seconds $189/ea

*Footage is submitted by the client* Script writing provided



Ex-Plainer Video

These types of videos are basically educational. It helps to increase knowledge of your industry, making you the thought leader. Various graphical elements including human characters are used here to explain any topic or service through the medium of animation. 

30 Seconds Starting at $249/ea |  60 Seconds Starting at $269/ea | 90 Second Videos Starting at $365/ea

Includes: Scriptwriting, Voice Over Recording, Background Music

30 Second Videos = 7 Day turnaround

  • 100 Words | 30 Seconds $249/ea
  • 175 Words | 30 Seconds $299/ea

60 Second Videos = 9 Day turnaround

  • 100 Words | 60 Seconds $269/ea
  • 175 Words | 60 Seconds $319/ea

90 Second Videos = 12 Day turnaround

  • 100 Words | 90 Seconds $365/ea
  • 175 Words | 90 Seconds $399/ea



Sample videos