Industry: Veteran Organization

Black Physicians

Seniors Thrive Amidst COVID

Year: 2020-2021
Location: Emory University School of Medicine and Atlanta VA Hospital
At Ask a Black Doctor, their mission is to educate underserved communities of color for better health and empower individuals through education to foster healthier outcomes.


The campaign aimed to empower and support seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering vital information on safety precautions, mental health well-being, and fostering social engagement. This was a critical initiative considering the heightened risks faced by seniors during the pandemic

Unique Tactics:

Physician Interviews: Design Show collaborated with Atlanta physicians specializing in geriatrics and infectious diseases to initiate a series of interviews. These interviews were instrumental in conveying expert advice on COVID-19 safety measures, such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and vaccination guidelines. The project was a bridge between medical experts and the senior community, ensuring that reliable and relevant information was accessible.

Educational Awareness Videos: These interviews were then transformed into educational videos, designed to be engaging and informative. The videos were disseminated widely, reaching seniors and their families to offer clear guidance on staying safe during the pandemic. This visual approach was chosen to ensure the information was accessible and easily digestible for the senior community.

Mental Health Insights: Recognizing the mental toll of the pandemic, especially on seniors, the campaign included video content featuring insights from licensed counselors. These videos provided practical strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and isolation, addressing the often-overlooked aspect of mental health during such crises.