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Leveraging data-driven insights to raise awareness, boost enrollment,  support initiatives, and enhance engagement.

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Our government solutions

Marketing & branding

Design Show's Branding & Marketing strategies are designed to create compelling narratives that resonate with underserved communities, empowering them with information and encouraging healthier decision-making.

digital marketing

Our Digital Marketing expertise enables us to reach underserved communities through online channels, disseminating critical health information and resources directly to those who need it most.


With Advertising, Design Show promotes community-focused initiatives and campaigns, ensuring that underserved populations are aware of available resources and opportunities for improved health outcomes.

data analytics

Design Show employs Data Analytics to identify disparities, gather insights, and measure the impact of initiatives, ensuring that our efforts are data-driven and effective in promoting healthier outcomes in underserved communities.

market research

Through Market Research, Design Show uncovers community-specific needs and preferences, allowing us to tailor our communication strategies to address inequities and raise awareness effectively.

public relations

We use Public Relations to build relationships, amplify community voices, and advocate for positive change, creating a platform for underserved communities to share their stories and concerns.

Drag & Drop

Social Services

  • Child Welfare Awareness Campaigns
  • Homelessness Prevention Campaigns
  • Mental Health Support Campaigns
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Campaigns
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Campaign


  • High School Enrollment Campaigns
  • College Admissions Campaigns
  • Adult Education and Continuing Studies Campaigns
  • STEM Program Promotion Campaigns
  • Online Learning Program Campaigns


  • First-Time Homebuyer Campaigns
  • Affordable Housing Program Campaigns
  • Senior Housing Assistance Campaigns
  • Energy-Efficient Home Campaigns
  • Rental Assistance and Subsidy Campaigns

Public Health

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns
  • Heart Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Flu Vaccination Drive Campaigns
  • Diabetes Prevention Campaigns
  • Smoking Cessation Campaigns

AmeriCorps Senior Companion Program

Recruiting Seniors for Companion Care

The City of Fulton's AmeriCorps Senior Companion program objective was to improve seniors' lives by offering companionship and daily assistance. To address challenges in recruiting seniors and volunteers, Design Show developed a robust community outreach marketing strategy.

Senior Services Marketing