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Georgia Vascular Institute Case Study

Testimonial-Driven Strategy Skyrockets Patient Engagement

Georgia Vascular Institute (GVI) is a medical facility that specializes in vascular care such as fibroids and amputation prevention. They approached Design Show to build a sustainable and organic digital presence for their GVI brands.

the problem

GVI's existing website was outdated and did not reflect the quality of care they provided. Additionally, their branding was not attractive to their target audience, which consist mostly of older adult women between the ages of 30-35 who were seeking fibroid treatment. GVI wanted to create a more engaging and informative online presence that would attract new patients and convert old patients into ambassadors.

Our approach

Optimize Positioning: Speak Directly to The Target Patient with a Digital Presence Strategically Tailored to Their Engagement.

Design Show conducted extensive research on GVI's target audience and competitors to develop a comprehensive digital strategy. We focused on creating a user-friendly website that provided valuable information about vascular care and treatments and tangible marketing collateral.
To make the website more engaging, we used verbiage and images that resonated with GVI's target audience. We also created a new logo and branding that reflected the professionalism and expertise of the medical facility.

The results

GVI's Successful Online Transformation: Increased Traffic, Engagement, and Trust with New Website and Branding.

The new website and branding helped GVI establish a strong online presence, build partnerships and attract new patients. The website saw an increase in traffic and engagement, with visitors spending more time on the site and exploring different pages. GVI's social media presence also improved, with more followers and engagement on their platforms. The new branding helped GVI stand out from their competitors and establish themselves as a trusted and reliable source for medical care.

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