Industry: Healthcare

Success with Fulton County’s AmeriCorps Senior Services

Recruiting Seniors for Companion Care

The City of Fulton's AmeriCorps Senior Companion program objective was to improve seniors' lives by offering companionship and daily assistance. To address challenges in recruiting seniors and volunteers, Design Show developed a robust community outreach marketing strategy.

Understanding the Challenge

The AmeriCorps Senior Companion program was facing the challenge of recruiting volunteers. Their goals were to: 

  • Increase program awareness among potential senior volunteers
  • Establish a sustainable volunteer recruitment pipeline.
  • Enhance community awareness to support program goals.

Deliverables and Execution

Marketing Database Creation: Designed a database focused on senior advocacy and healthy living, sourced from senior-focused organizations, health clinics, and community groups in Fulton County.

Community Outreach Strategy: Researched and registered for informational sessions at community centers and collaborated with local groups to distribute brochures.

Adaptable Electronic Media Toolkit: Developed social media posts, email templates, and digital brochures to scale outreach efforts across platforms.

Tracking System Implementation: Established metrics tracking inquiries, sign-ups, social media engagement, and event attendance using CRM and analytics tools.

Final Report: Compiled a comprehensive report detailing database analysis, outreach results, toolkit performance, and recommendations for sustaining marketing efforts.

Results and Impact: Successfully raised program awareness and garnered significant interest from seniors and volunteers, achieving high attendance at community events and strong social media engagement.

Key Achievements:

  • Increased Enrollment Interest
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Successful recruitment of dedicated senior ambassadors
  • Strengthened community connections and awareness of the AmeriCorps Senior Services Program


"Since utilizing Design Show's services, I've seen about a 10% improvement in our outreach resources. Their digital media enhancements to our social media posters and flyers are amazing, highlighting our goal to connect with seniors. From bidding to project completion, Design Show displayed professionalism and knowledge. They competed against big media companies and delivered beyond expectations. Keep growing and innovating!"

-Americorps Program Coordinator Betty Anderson