3 Reasons to FREQUENTLY Change Your Facebook Business Cover.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always looking for ways to rise above the crowd. It’s tough out there in social media land, so start by taking full advantage of your Facebook business.

A great way to increase your business page engagement is to increase changing out your Facebook page cover. Here are 3 reasons why you as a business owner should frequently change your Facebook cover.

  1. Newsfeed Attention – When you update your cover, all of your fans and followers see that change on their News Feed. The more entertaining and engaging your cover, the more likely someone will share it! This is better than sharing a business page post. When designed correctly, Facebook covers identify who and what your business is about along with all your contact handles.
  2. Keep things fresh- Create an interest in coming to your page. – The more activity they see, the more they remember your brand. Make them want to see more. There’s nothing worse than a business page that has a post that is 6 months ago. Is anybody there?!
  3. Business Recognition – Highlight what’s going on with your business.
    1. Market a current launch or promotion
    2. Highlight your team members or even your customers
    3. Celebrate a holiday or special days of the year

We recommend that your change your cover once a month using these engaged change tips to your full advantage! The most important objective to remember is to have fun and connect with your audience. Remember,  80/20.