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Creating healthier communities through connected innovation. We design ecosystems that position companies for sustainability.


We connect innovation, opportunity, and solutions to communities that need them the most.

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industries of expertise

connected innovation

  • Technology & Apps
  • Clinician Entrepreneurs
  • Management Organizations
  • Practices & Institutions
  • Preventative and Personalized Medicine and Public Health
  • Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging
  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition
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delivering meaningful and focused messages

brand communications

public relations & partnerships

Experts at our firm consistently communicate credibility among key audiences that affect business results, such as donors, policymakers, influencers, customers and shareholders.

Brand Identity & management

We design your brand to reflect how it looks and feels. Colors, graphic language, typeface, photography, and your logo all fall under this category. This is what gives your brand its unique personality.

marketing operations

Plan and execute campaigns. Our marketing operations team increases efficiency and results that will build a stronger brand reputation and reinforces the brand strategy.

Market research & behavior

Our research enables you to create a strategy for social marketing programs based on the characteristics, attitudes, belief systems, values, behaviors, social determinants, and risks of your target market.

program strategy & management

Our program strategy is a coherent set of activities designed to achieve a specified goal or set of objectives. Our management capabilities consists of strategic oversight and functions responsible for the consistent delivery of small and large-scale initiatives.

digital marketing

Online and other forms of digital communication are used during the creation of digital campaigns to connect with potential customers. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.


See how our partners are tackling challenges in new and innovative ways.


The Obvious Choice

Established in 2016, Designshow is the leading  B2B branding communications firm for minority health and wellness startups and community organizations.

As a purpose-driven company, Designshow is committed to creating and connecting resources for companies that need community support for sustainability and growth. We procure a team of experts, leaders, and influencers to help create brand strategies that position startups and established company campaigns as The Obvious Choice. 

The fastest way to grow a sustainable and profitable business is to understand the customers that love your product.

-Owner, Brand Marketing Manager, USAF Veteran

The fastest way to grow a sustainable and profitable business is to understand the customers that love your product.

-Owner, Brand Marketing Officer, USAF Veteran
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are you a health innovator? do you need business operations help? is your marketing stagnant?

the business & brand ventures

We seek business owners with potential across the health and wellness sector, including medical devices, wellness products, consumer health, health tech, and health data science. 

Data from targeted communities will help innovators build stronger connections with their customers early on for healthy growth, decreasing risk and increasing sustainability. Designshow has built connections between communities and clinicians for over two decades. For long-term growth and success, we provide companies with the data they need to make informed business and branding decisions. 

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In today’s marketplace, brands are increasingly expected to represent causes and purposes that are aligned with the organization's mission in order to attain and retain community support and membership. We support the following types of organization structures.

+ Associations + Chambers + Organizations + Non-Profits

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Government Contractors

We create professional business identities  that government agencies and prime contractors can  trust. We service the following GovCon industries

+ Cleaning Services + Transportation + Facilities Maintenance + Landscaping Services

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