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"The Obvious Choice"

Our ecosystem of curated partnerships creates healthier communities by positioning health care companies in front of industries that need them most. A company’s messaging, branding, lead generation strategy, and sales campaign all start with a strong positioning. 

we work with the following types of healthcare companies

Augmented Reality AI Medical Equipment Hospital Supplies Manufactures Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Fintech Integration AI-empowered Big Data Telehealth

The primary focus of our company is to develop and connect health care technology companies. Founders are also positioned for loyal relationships with our partners for continued growth and opportunities.

Curated Partnerships In Our Ecosystem

By partnering with Design Show, we position and connect your company to a selected industry from below.

Government Health Agencies

Doctor's Offices

Community Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Hospital/Health Systems


African-American healthcare worker talking at digital meeting

our solutions position, connect & engage

the obvious choice roadmap


Developing and growing your brand in a way that is memorable and impactful. We capture and engage the interest of internal and external stakeholders.

data-driven Campaigns

There is no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. We capture data and embed it into your brand and marketing operations for optimal returns.

marketing automation

We create an automated and repeatable process of incredible productivity, targeted engagement, and a clear understanding of what's working and what isn't to increase revenue.

pR & advertising

Our messaging helps you manage how customers see and feel about your product or service. By using press releases, social media accounts, and traditional media pieces, we spread a strategic message that will build reputation, awareness, and revenue.

customer experience

Increasing loyalty and trust while reducing costs through world-class customer service that keeps your brand's promise.

mergers & acquisitions

Unifying your brand based on continued growth and evolution. We help clients shift perception and migrate customers.


Collection Of Our Best Clients

We love helping our clients grow, sustain, and connect. 

What Our Client Says?


We were looking for a company that specialized in medical and health branding and marketing. Design Show created a product exactly as we asked and incorporated their expertise into making it a successful product launch. We worked with companies in the past that under delivered. This company gave us what we wanted and more of what we didn’t know we needed to have. That’s a real branding and marketing firm.  Thank You Design Show Health Team!

C. Ellis, Co-Owner & Peachtree Pharmicies


Bounce Back Pill, The Hangover Solution


Bridging the communication gap to deliver improved health and wealth to underserved communities.

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In Loss Revenue

A 500 bed hospital loses more than $4 million annually as a result of communication inefficiencies. (NCBI)

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The Price For Lower Healthcare

Increased marketing automation and communication lowers administrative costs by an additional $24 billion. (McKinsey)

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